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Apr 5, 2018, by Dan Whale

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Joel will soon be celebrating his three year anniversary with Paybase - a very big cake is in order! After being here for so long, we know Joel pretty well, but sat down with him to get to know him even better.

Joel, you’re in the engineering team. What are you currently working on?

At the moment I’m predominantly working on the Logic Engine, which is really interesting due to the dynamic functionality that we can add to our rules. For example, I recently wrote a rule which prevents users of a certain age from creating an account - but what’s cool about this code is that we can apply it selectively to enforce a different age with each of our individual partners. This applies to lots of our rules and will eventually lead to our partners being able to write their own. It’s a big part of what makes us unique, so it’s definitely exciting to be working on.

What are you most looking forward to in the coming months?

Well, it’s obviously going to be really interesting when we go live. It’s been a lot of hard work so we’ll have achieved a huge milestone when we get to that point. Not only that, but it will be great to get feedback from our partners once we’ve launched. We’ve done a lot of industry research during the building process, but I think it’s likely that our partners will ask us to develop features that we haven’t even thought of. It will introduce a different dynamic to our development process and produce some fascinating ideas I’m sure.

What drew you to Paybase?

The culture, within the engineering team in particular, was a big factor. It was clear from the beginning that the team was very collaborative - everyone works on all parts of the system. It doesn’t matter where an idea comes from, everyone is listened to and has their ideas discussed. I could see these things from my interview and it has never stopped being true during my time here.

And is that still your favourite thing about your job?

It’s certainly up there. I’d also say that constantly learning new things and working with new technologies is something I really enjoy. If there is an area that I want to explore that I don’t know much about, the support is there. It’s that flexibility around how we approach our development that I really enjoy.

How would you describe Paybase with only 3 words?

Innovative. Collaborative. Adaptive.

We learnt your background in tech in a previous blog, what about your future? Do you have any particular dreams?

Hmm, tough question! Well in the short term I just want to learn as much as I can in all areas of development, that’s my main focus for now. As for end goals, I suppose it would have to be building my own product. Being able to have an idea that you’re passionate about and invest all your time and effort into making it would be really fulfilling. Then of course, if that business could be wildly successful and tick over while I’m sat on the beach, I’d be set!

A life we can all dream of there Joel! What do you do for fun (apart from the beach of course)?

Just the usual stuff really! I’m a big music fan so go to gigs when I can, I’m a keen skier in the winter - also very much into Lord of the Rings.

Your recent Easter celebrations seemed to be anything but usual

The scotch egg hunt? Ah yes, every Easter bank holiday me and a group of friends go into as many pubs as we can that serve scotch eggs. It’s a great way to see London!

Count me in next year Joel, thanks for speaking to us!

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