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Paybase Workshop + 3 more
Paybase Workshop 1: In Photos

The first Paybase Workshop was a great success - thank you to all those that came! Over 40 people came to Paybase HQ on 11/10/2018 to listen to 3 brilliant guest speakers and network with fellow marketplace and gig/sharing economy platform founders....

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Paybase Workshop + 3 more
Paybase Workshop 1: In Photos

The first Paybase Workshop was a great success - thank you to all those that came! Over 40 people came to Paybase HQ on 11/10/2018 to listen to 3 brilliant guest speakers and network with fellow marketplace and gig/sharing economy platform founders....

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Sharing Economy + 3 more
What to expect from the first Paybase Workshop

The first #PaybaseWorkshop is fast approaching and we’re really looking forward to bringing together a lot of innovators in the platform business space. The event has now sold out, but if you weren’t able to get a ticket, we will be hosting many more...

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Events + 3 more
Paybase Event! Marketplaces and Gig/Sharing Economy Platforms - Fast Track Your Success

On October 11th Paybase is hosting a collaborative workshop and networking event for online marketplaces and gig/sharing economy platforms. You may be wondering why we decided to host such an event, and why we’re so excited about it. In this blog, we...

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Customer Agent Exemption + 3 more
If you have a gig/sharing economy business or online marketplace, there has been a big change in legislation that you need to know about

Changes to the commercial agent exemption require action, but they will bring benefits to all involved You may not have heard of the ‘commercial agent exemption', but if you have an online marketplace or gig/sharing economy business, you may have be...

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Paybase + 2 more
Paybase Profiles – Jarina

Our Head of Operations Jarina recently celebrated her 1 year anniversary here at Paybase. We sat down with her to discuss all things Ops and more! So as Head of Ops, what does your day-to-day look like, Jarina? I’d describe my role as knowing what...

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Sharing Economy + 4 more
The platform business taxation debacle

Want your platform business to be prepared for the future? Communicating your users’ tax obligations to them is a start, but innovation exists to go far further. Businesses such as online marketplaces or gig/sharing economy platforms, known as ‘platf...

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RegTech + 3 more
RegTech Is Not the New Fintech - It Is Part of FinTech

Recent regulatory changes may have assisted the growth of RegTech, but is separating it from FinTech really necessary - or wise? RegTech is an industry based on the use of new technologies to help companies meet regulatory requirements in an optimis...

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FinTech + 2 more
Paybase Profiles – Joel

Joel will soon be celebrating his three year anniversary with Paybase - a very big cake is in order! After being here for so long, we know Joel pretty well, but sat down with him to get to know him even better. Joel, you’re in the engineering team. ...

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GDPR + 2 more
GDPR – What You Need To Know

If you were not aware, Europe is set for its biggest data protection shake-up in 20 years. From May this year, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) devised two years ago will be enforced. It replaces the EU-wide 1995 Data Protection Directiv...

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Women in Tech + 2 more
Women in FinTech – Our Stories

To mark International Women’s Day we sat down with some of the women of Paybase! Here at Paybase the split between women and men is nearly 50/50, but we understand this is sadly nowhere near the norm in the FinTech industry. It’s our vision to change...

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Loyalty Scheme + 2 more
How to Make the Most of Loyalty Programmes

We look at why loyalty programmes are so important for modern businesses and how they can best be used. As is well known, commerce is not what it once was. The growth of the gig/sharing economy has led to the current generation placing less importan...

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FinTech + 2 more
Paybase Profiles – Russ

Russ joined us back in May 2017 as our Head of Partnerships, bringing with him a wealth of FinTech experience and some very cool personal hobbies! What do you do here at Paybase? In a nutshell, my job is to find partnerships that will generate good...

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2018 + 3 more
Our predictions for 2018

Changes in regulation, the rise of cryptocurrencies, Brexit - 2018 is certainly going to be a year that throws up both challenges and possibilities for the world of FinTech. At Paybase we’re very excited about the year ahead, and after speaking to o...

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2017 + 2 more
Paybase – Our 2017

We look back on what was a very significant year for us, with great anticipation for the year ahead As a very busy year drew to a close, we found just enough time to catch our breath and reflect on all that happened last year at Paybase. We can conf...

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eMoney + 2 more
Why eMoney is More Than Just Escrow

The escrow functionality of eMoney is massively useful, but there are many other exciting ways in which eMoney is being used. Put simply, eMoney is money recorded on a ‘stored-value card’ or in an electronic account. Instead of the money being linke...

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Fraud + 2 more
‘Tis the Season to be Vigilant

As fraud rates rocket during the holiday period, we look at the best ways of ensuring that you don’t fall victim to fraudsters - and what steps to take if you do. We’re entering that time of year when the emotional adverts begin, stores are putting ...

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PSD2 + 2 more
PSD2 – What is it and how is it likely to affect me?

We look at the incoming Payment Services Directive and speculate on what changes the average consumer could expect. The Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) is a set of requirements for firms that provide payment services within the EU and whils...

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Coding + 2 more
How do coders become coders?

We asked our Software Engineers where it all began, as well as some other things. To get a job in the skilled labour market, you are usually required to follow a pretty set path. You don’t become a footballer after starting out as an accountant. Tha...

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eMoney + 3 more
Payment Gateways vs eMoney – Everything you need to know

You may not be familiar with the term payment gateway, but you will have certainly used one. It is likely that you have used some form of eMoney as well, but what is the difference - and why does it matter? Payment Gateway A payment gateway is what ...

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Compliance + 2 more
Innovation in Customer Due Diligence – What stands in the way?

In the competitive landscape of financial services, are the banks’ methods of Customer Due Diligence (CDD) outdated? “A positive and efficient client onboarding experience is a differentiator for those financial institutions able to deliver it to t...

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EdTech + 2 more
EdTech is Being Called the ‘New FinTech’ - Why Are We Comparing Them?

FinTech firms need to seize the opportunity that EdTech is presenting them with, not attempt to compete. Education technology is evolving rapidly. If you type ‘EdTech’ into a search engine, it will not take you long to find a plethora of articles de...

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Hackathon + 1 more
How to 'Hackathon' when you don't 'do' code

Traditionally, a Hackathon is a focused attempt to build or create something new - usually a working prototype for a product such as a web or mobile app - within a short amount of time. Gone are the days, however, when these events were exclusively ...

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FinTech + 4 more
Top FinTech Jargon Buster by Paybase

We’ve all been there. You’re part of a conversation which seems very interesting, but without knowing a few keywords, you have absolutely no idea what is going on. Sound familiar? A good area to brush up on would be FinTech, considering that its gro...

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Customer + 1 more
The Evolution of Product: Empowering the Customer

‘The customer is always right’ is a well known phrase, originally coined back in 1909 by Henry Gordon Selfridge, which demonstrates the attention businesses should show towards customer satisfaction. Many arguments are had amongst customer support st...

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Charity + 3 more
The Great Charity Struggle

The UK continues to donate as generously as ever, so why are 1 in 5 charities struggling to survive? And what needs to change? 2017 has seen the UK rife with tragedy, but also with love. In the wake of the Manchester attack, the Manchester Evening N...

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Sharing Economy + 2 more
The Sharing Economy: When Will Payments Catch-Up?

The sharing economy is skyrocketing in a way which is transforming how we live our lives, yet its payment aspect remains stuck on the ground. The emergence of the sharing economy has been difficult to ignore. Online marketplaces such as Etsy, Depop ...

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Startups + 3 more
Key Challenges with Building a Payments App

As any young startup, we were eager to get-to-market as quickly as possible. Little did we know that building the payments component of the Payfriendz App - modest P2P functionality - would take much longer than expected and significantly delay ou...

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Fintech + 1 more
Wired Money 2017

Wired Money 2017 brought together the most disruptive innovators, inventors and entrepreneurs redefining the future of the finance industry and Paybase was one of them. The key themes of the event included distributed ledger technology, personal fin...

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Welcome to Paybase

Today, we’re excited to launch our new website and new brand all in the same month as moving our growing team to our new office in London Bridge. Who are Paybase? Founded in 2013, we started out as a consumer-facing business and launched the money ...

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Tech + 1 more
React London 2017

At Paybase, we're fond users of React and React Native, so naturally we were excited for London's first React focused conference in March. Joel, Michael and Sam joined some 500 other people at the QEII centre in Westminster for a day of talks surroun...

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