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What to expect from the first Paybase Workshop

What to expect from the first Paybase Workshop
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4th Oct 2018
By Dan Whale

The first #PaybaseWorkshop is fast approaching and we’re really looking forward to bringing together a lot of innovators in the platform business space. The event has now sold out, but if you weren’t able to get a ticket, we will be hosting many more like it in the near future. For the lucky ones that did get a ticket, here’s a little more information as to what to expect from the event.


We have 3 guest speakers for the workshop, each bringing a particular skill set and expertise that all working in platform businesses can benefit from.

Fayssal Loussaief - Lead Strategist at Brilliant Basics

Brilliant Basics has designed and created digital products and services for some of the world’s biggest companies. From HSBC to BT, its proficiency in UX has seen the company build products that are used by millions everyday.

Fayssal joined the company with a wealth of expertise. Having worked as the product development lead at Visa Europe and led the digital propositions of RBS and Natwest, Fayssal has gained a particular appreciation of customer experience and user experience within payments and finance. At the Paybase workshop, he will be talking about how your marketplace can build a payments option that is both UX and CX-focussed.

Garrett Cassidy - CEO and Co-Founder at Trezeo

Trezeo is removing a huge pain-point that exists in the gig economy. For platform business workers, or anyone that is self-employed, getting finances in order can be very stressful. Some weeks you are paid more than others and it can be hard to know where you stand in terms of bills. The Trezeo business account smooths out your income to allow you to get back to doing what you love.

CEO and Co-Founder Garrett Cassidy’s 20 years experience in financial services enabled him to spot the difficulty that self-employed/gig economy workers were facing, and how to solve it. He built an award-winning startup which is increasingly relevant as working patterns are becoming more and more flexible. At the Paybase workshop, Garrett will be telling us the story of Trezeo, sharing invaluable wisdom on growing a business as well as how the users of your platform business can benefit from his fantastic service.

Sjoerd Handgraaf - CMO at Sharetribe

Sharetribe is a business which simplifies the journey of creating a marketplace, making platform technology available to everyone. Its comprehensive yet customisable approach has helped many innovative platform businesses get to market and make profit within a very short time period.

As the company’s CMO for the past 2 years, Sjoerd has talked to hundreds of aspiring marketplace entrepreneurs. This has shown him the most common pitfalls, but also the most successful tactics and strategies in marketing marketplaces. Sjoerd will be sharing his expertise and engaging with the audience, offering direction on how you can best grow your business. This is an amazing opportunity to learn usable skills and techniques from a true industry expert.


There will also be informal networking sessions with refreshments. This will give you the chance to discuss business challenges with the very people who are likely to have experienced them as well. We hope for this event to be the first step in establishing a community that can be drawn from for assistance and guidance. If nothing else, you’ll hear about some really interesting new businesses!

We are dedicated to hosting a helpful and relevant event that all our attendees can really benefit from. As such, we’ve created the following form to learn what stage of the business lifecycle our attendees are at, we’d really appreciate your input!

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