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Feb 14, 2018, by Dan Whale

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Russ joined us back in May 2017 as our Head of Partnerships, bringing with him a wealth of FinTech experience and some very cool personal hobbies!

What do you do here at Paybase?

In a nutshell, my job is to find partnerships that will generate good working and strategic relationships for Paybase. It’s not a case of trying to sell our product to anyone that will have it - if a company isn’t right for us and we’re not right for them, there’s no use in wasting anyone’s time. Luckily, there are plenty of firms that Paybase can help, so I’m always kept busy.

I’ve also been working in FinTech for a while and have seen certain things go well and certain things go not so well, so I’m here to offer any wisdom that I can!

What does your day-to-day look like?

It fluctuates - it depends where I am along the sales process. I might be researching businesses to see if we would be a good fit for them and making that initial point of contact. Alternatively I might be facilitating the start of a relationship with a partner - meeting with representatives from their side and discussing how Paybase can help them. Otherwise, I’m often at FinTech events, meeting new people, learning more about the payments needs of different companies. My day-to-day is often different, which is something I enjoy.

What are you most excited about in the coming months?

The launch of the new Platform and, more specifically, getting our first partners up and running. That’s very exciting - it’s going to be a major milestone for Paybase.

Where were you working before?

How long have you got?! I’ve spent a lot of time in consultancy roles, from helping organisations create payments solutions to running business development projects and advising firms on how to best make money. I’ve worked for issuers and processors, very small startups and large corporates - and everything in between!

I’ve been very lucky to be involved in some really cool stuff, such as an app that allows you to send drinks to your friends. I was recently at a FinTech called KiTTi which was based around friends pooling their money for holidays and social occasions. I’ve certainly been around!

Are there any particular ways in which Paybase is different from where you’ve worked before?

Paybase is different in many ways, but there are some key areas which stand out for me: Firstly, the Paybase staff: Bar none, everyone who works at Paybase is extremely capable but above all is prepared to go the extra mile to deliver. They are passionate about Paybase and really believe in the value we are bringing to our market. Equally, we can - and do - have fun too. We have our very own Fun Liaison Officer (FLO) - it's actually in his job title - who organises regular fun events and just about everyone joins in. We have lunch together, we have our own bake-off's, we have taken part in the Crystal Maze challenge and even raced each other around a track on go-karts!

Then there's the Paybase vision: The Platform has many features which take payments to another level entirely. This could not have been achieved without the vision the team has to not only fulfil what is needed right now, but also to build it to go the extra mile. There are some pretty amazing things that can be done with our Platform, leveraging amazing data and building rules to add loyalty to payments; none of this would have been possible without that vision.

How would you describe Paybase with only 3 words?

Visionary. Capable. Supportive.

When not at the team events, what do you do for fun?

I love giving old things a new lease of life. I’ve made coffee tables out of old pinball machines and lamps out of old musical instruments. I’m from an engineering background and I hate waste, so this is a perfect combination!

If you'd be interested in working at Paybase, check out our vacancies page on Indeed here!

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