Recurring payments_

Subscription Services

Create recurring card payments for subscription services. An example of this may be a marketplace for gym classes where users can pay for a weekly class.

Scheduled Payments

Allow payments/transfers to be scheduled for a certain time. An example of this may be an online marketplace that wishes to automatically withdraw its balance to a bank account at a particular date and time each week/month.


  • Hold, divide and return payments between buyers and sellers
  • Build trust in your brand with a white-label solution
  • Increase user retention with security, reassurance and peace of mind

The Paybase escrow solution is built to allow maximum flexibility, catering to a vast array of use cases. If a marketplace item is received >1 week late, for instance, you may wish to send 75% of the funds to the seller and return the remaining 25% to the buyer. From simply holding funds to facilitating one-to-many payment flows and more complex functionalities, we enable you to build the product you want - without compromise.

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banking lite

Banking Lite_

FinTech Product

Create account numbers and sort codes to facilitate banking lite functionality. Allow platform users to put funds into a user account which can then be stored, transferred A2A and/or paid out to third parties. An example of this might be a P2P payments app or an investment service.

Promotions, Loyalty & Rewards_



Offer your users cashback on purchases as a form of buyer retention. This could be in the form of credit to spend on the platform or fiat currency that can be withdrawn.


Purchase Subsidies

Offer automatic subsidies on purchases dependent on a number of factors such as number of previous purchases or date of last purchase. An example of this may be a discount applied to a buyerʼs first purchase or a discount offered to a user that has not made a purchase for X amount of time to increase engagement.



Subsidise your usersʼ transactions for referring others to your platform. An example of this may be offering a 20% discount on the next 3 marketplace purchases for both referrer and referee.


The Console acts as the admin interface of the Paybase solution, allowing you to manage your users, sellers, affiliates, third parties and more. All activity occurring on your platform is displayed in a simple, attractive way, allowing you to keep track of user behaviour and act on any activity that our Risk Engine has flagged as suspicious.

  • Your payments control centre
  • Manage alerts and disputes from within the Console
  • Get access to business-enhancing insights

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