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Dec 11, 2019, by Gemma Doswell

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Founders’ Workshop



What’s the Founders’ Workshop, you ask? It’s your very own space to learn, share and collaborate with fellow platform economy, FinTech and cryptocurrency business founders. If you’ve already been to one of our Paybase Collaborative Workshops, think of these as the 2.0 upgrade! We’ll be covering a range of popular topics in presentations and panels delivered by leading industry pioneers. But unlike our collaborative workshops, the Founders’ Workshops will be steered by you, the founders. You’ll choose the topics, you’ll be invited to speak on the panels and more! After all, who can better advise founders than founders themselves?

If you’ve not been to our previous events, here’s a quick roundup of what you’ve missed:


So, when and where?

Our first Founders’ Workshop will be taking place on 22nd January 2020. Check out the full details on our event page to register and don’t forget to keep your eye onour social media channels for updates closer to the time!

Our January event will be on the topic of disintermediation - when buyers and sellers use a platform to connect but transact independently off-platform after the first transaction. It’s a really interesting topic and one of the most common hurdles faced by platform businesses, especially those in the gig or sharing economies.

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And it doesn’t end there…

We want our founders to have access toa constant hub of insights, ideas and innovation inspiration - so we’ll also be publishing a bi-annual Founders’ Workshop magazine! It will be filled with content generated by you, industry-related articles, founder profiles, during-workshop interviews and more. And it can be delivered straight to your inbox.

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We look forward to seeing you there!

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